Tax Strategies: Tax Tuesday with Toby Mathis Ep. 107 – Roth IRAs, Contributions & Distributions

Tax Strategies: Tax Tuesday with Toby Mathis Ep. 107 – Roth IRAs, Contributions & Distributions

Toby Mathis answers your questions during Tax Tuesdays a bi-weekly webinar event. 👉

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Whether your a small business owner, real estate business owner, or you have a corporation, the new tax laws that were passed in 2017 will have some impact on what tax deductions you can take.

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00:10:42.09 – Changing single-member LLC in Texas
to multi-member.

00:13:18.08 – Qualifying for real estate professional status.
The wife is a physician. How will the IRS treat on-call duty hours?

00:17:08.03 – Recapturing start-up costs for training with
Texas LLC – C corp.

00:21:32.09 – Can I hire my kids and offer employee benefits with my management company and LLC? Can the company contribute to their Roth IRA?

00:26:02.09 – What’s my max allowed contribution for 2019 for
Backdoor Roth and what’s the basis of taxation of after-tax dollars?

00:32:31.06 – How can we structure a “Wellness Plan” so doesn’t
become taxable to our employees?

00:36:34.00 – What are my options for claiming deferred losses on
a rental townhouse property owned since 1990?

00:39:40.02 – What portion of unpaid taxes on the sale of single-family house am I liable for if partner and I split profits from sale without regard to federal taxes?

00:43:53.08 – If I claim 50% bonus depreciation on rental property
on my federal income tax return, do I need to add that back
against regular depreciation on an Illinois State return?

00:44:19.04 – What’s the capital gains based on a primary residence
if took tax depreciation for two years but later sold as primary

00:47:16.01 – Is gap lending income passive or active for a 401k?

00:48:59.02 – What’s the rule on funding my HSA, health insurance plan? My business is an LLC taxed as S-Corp, but I’m the only employee.

00:56:19.09 – When holding a rental property in my individual name,
what are my options to transfer title out of my name to an alternative entity to reduce legal exposure. Is there a way to avoid being noncompliant

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