Tax Strategies: Tax Tuesday with Toby Mathis Ep. 119 – (401k, PPP/EIDL, SBA Loans & MORE!)

Tax Strategies: Tax Tuesday with Toby Mathis Ep. 119 – (401k, PPP/EIDL, SBA Loans & MORE!)

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13:02 – I have had my work hours cut due to COVID. Under the CARES Act, can access my 401k from work? I also have a separate solo 401k.

21:33 – I have an LLC and a nonprofit, could they go together?

25:22 – How should I handle sales tax within my eCommerce store? Do I follow my state use tax (Michigan) or do I need to get the buyer’s?

30:57 – Do we have to pay taxes on an SBA loan?

35:10 – Recently my mother passed away and now both of my parents are gone. They set up a revocable living trust in which their primary home was held. My brother and I are listed as the successor trustees. The trust document says that it is a Grantor Trust. My brother and I are in agreement that the house that is owned by the trust will need to be sold. What are the tax ramifications?

43:13 – Can you accept the EIDL loan if you have already received the PPP loan? Will there be any issues with PPP forgiveness if you accept EIDL?

48:42 – Am I able to purchase real estate with my solo 401k account and rent the house out to my brother?

58:00 – I have a property owned by an LLC which is owned by an S-Corp. I am selling this property and want to make a charitable contribution during the closing. Can I dual close and sell the property to the charity and have the charity sell the property to the final buyer?

1:06:09 – Do I have to have an LLC or a corporation listed on my W-9 form or can I just use my traditional IRA and use that information to purchase tax liens?

1:10:15 – Did the deadline for Roth conversions get extended also?

1:15:45 – What is the best way to handle a deceased parent’s 401k and pension benefit to minimize tax burden? I was wondering if opening a Solo 401k would be a good option.

1:20:59 – Would it be better to have an S-Corp or C-Corp and when should I think about converting? As in how much revenue should I be making before I even start thinking about that?

1:26:52 – Established a C-Corp in September 2019, up to that point we had significant educational expenses over $40K; since then no registered income. How long (in terms of 1120 tax years) can I carry start-up expenses to include education prior to formation?

1:31:23 – Can I take a $100k distribution from my 457 and contribute it to my housing non-profit under ’20 Cares 100% AGI charity contributor?

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